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Table 3. Risks of Progressive Lymphocytosis and Death among Subjects with CLL-Phenotype MBL and Lymphocytosis, According to Feature at Presentation.

Table 4 . Absolute (and percentage of) PUR poundage linked to schools by various


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Table 3. All Serious Adverse Events, plus Other Adverse Events with Significant Differences between the Treatment Groups.

Table 3 DPPH radical scavenging activity of extracts


Secondary Outcomes

Fig 5

Primary Outcome

Survival-Adjusted Analyses

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Table 3. Major Efficacy End Points at 12 Months.

Table 1. Baseline Characteristics of the Patients.

Table 1. Baseline Characteristics of the Subjects and Recruitment According to Study Center.

Table 2. Hazard Ratios for Primary, Secondary, and Key Tertiary Efficacy and Safety Outcomes.

TABLE 1 | In vitro antagonistic potential of pink pigmented facultative methylotrophic (PPFM) bacteria

Table 3. Primary and Other Outcomes at 18 to 22 Months.

Table 1. Baseline Characteristics of the Study Population.

Total-influence matrix T: fifteen criteria.


Base-Line Characteristics of 359 Patients with Multivessel Coronary Disease Randomly Assigned to CABG or PTCA.

Table 1. Relative Risk of Death According to BMI among Men and Women in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition.

Table 1. Baseline Characteristics of the Patients.

Table 2. Treatment Approaches for SLE.

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Table 2. Secondary Efficacy End Points.

Table 3. Exacerbations of COPD and Related Hospitalizations.

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Ecosystem restructuring along the Great Barrier Reef following mass coral bleaching | Nature

Characterization of Greater Middle Eastern genetic variation for enhanced disease gene discovery | Nature Genetics

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Each 1,500 unigenes with highest and lowest FPKM values were regarded as high/low datasets respectively. Asterisk represents p < 0.05 by t-test.

a | Aberrant transcriptional extension of the LUC7L (putative RNA-binding protein Luc7-like) locus produces an antisense transcript that overlaps with the ...


(a) Phylogenetic tree of HA1 protein sequences of 1,438 viral isolates from Mainland China (additional vaccine strains were included).

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Fig 3 Results from meta-analyses stratified according to attained systolic blood pressure (SBP), reported for each outcome separately

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(a) γXDS(t) (blue dots) and γXES(t) (green dots) as a function of pump-probe time delay. The single-exponential fits of γXDS(t) is indicated by the ...

Figure 3

a, Dispersive Fourier transformer. When a train of optical pulses enters a dispersive element with a large GVD, the spectrum of each pulse is mapped to a ...

Table 1. Characteristics of the Patients.

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Table 1. Baseline Characteristics of the Study Patients.

Table 3. Incidence of Events According to Plaque Thickness in the Aortic Arch Proximal to the Ostium of the Left Subclavian Artery.

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Subgroup Analyses

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Table 2. Incidence Rates of Serious Adverse Events, According to System Organ Class.

(a) Very few spheroids generated by the RCCS method initially have a spherical shape (brightfield images of A549 3D cultures obtained using an Olympus ...

Prevalence of Elevated Serum Ferritin Level (≥300 ng per milliliter) in 1994, According to the Hemochromatosis Genotype.

Table 1. Baseline Characteristics of the Participants.

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Table 3. Characteristics Associated with the Willingness or Unwillingness to Participate in Legalized Physician-Assisted Suicide.

Figure 1. Enrollment and Outcomes.

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Table 2. Mortality Rates.

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Table 2. Total Number of Subjects and Summary Estimates for the Effect of Five Interventions According to the Type of Research Design.

Figure 2

Tumor recurrence rates in 1528 patients after a median of 16.6 yr of follow-up

The crown-of-thorns starfish genome as a guide for biocontrol of this coral reef pest | Nature

Table 3. Hyperuricemia and the Development of Hypertension.

Table 2. UKPDS End Points among Patients Followed for Up to 20 Years, Including Up to 10 Years of Post-Trial Monitoring, According to Treatment Assignments.

Fig 2 Identification and inclusion of observational meta-analyses investigating obesity and gynaecological and obstetric conditions

US yearly deaths from all opioid drugs. Included in this number are opioid analgesics, along with heroin and illicit synthetic opioids.

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Table 2. Number of Minutes from Collapse to Event and from Randomization to Event.

Homogeneous isodense orbital mass molding around t

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Figure 4

Table 1. Selected Examples of Chromosomal Rearrangements.

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Disability Status at Four Years According to the Base-line Summary Performance Score among 359 Subjects with Mobility-Related Disability at Base Line.

Table 4. Relative Odds of Positivity for Antibodies to HCV among Subjects 17 to 59 Years Old, According to Selected Variables in NHANES III.

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Table 1. Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of the Patients at Diagnosis and Randomization.

Figure 3. Effect of Proton-Pump Inhibition in Peptic-Ulcer Bleeding.

First generation

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Figure 2. Kaplan–Meier Analysis of Overall Survival, the Time to Symptomatic Progression, and the Time to Radiologic Progression.

Table 2. Prespecified Primary and Secondary Composite Outcomes and Death.

Figure 3

Table 1. Baseline Characteristics of the Patients.

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Figure 2. Effectiveness of the Influenza Vaccine in Reducing the Risk of Hospitalization for Pneumonia or Influenza (Panel A) and Death (Panel B).

Characteristics of the Patients

Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion