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Awww kaniki I don39t hate you and you shouldn39t hate your self

Awww kaniki I don39t hate you and you shouldn39t hate your self


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""It's good to see that someone has the balls to go,but don


Deixe o mundo saber que você é louco , então você pode fazer o que quiser

Hunter x Hunter

"Even if we forget the faces of our friends, we will never forget the bonds that were carved into our souls.." || Anime: Angel Beats!

Sankaera Anime quotes

wanna...try me?? hahaa

Anime Quotes

Ehuehue oh Kaneki I'm beginning to like Naki. He deserves more screen time ( his eyes are so beautiful OvO)

Kaneki and Hide ~You can break my soul, take my life away, beat me, hurt me, kill me. But for the love of God, don't touch him ~ || Tokyo Ghoul

#Shiro DeadMan WonderLand You're almost just like me

Awww kaniki..... I don't hate you and you shouldn

You did! You really, really did

Anime saved my life

No Game No Life < < < you don't change yourself, you change what's around you

Don't blame if I lose trust in you, you were the one who did the deed of breaking my trust

I can see them lying to me without any remorse .

Eu sorrio o tempo todo para que ninguém saiba o quão triste e solitário eu realmente sou

Just to stay sane... | Quotes | Ken Kaneki | Tokyo Ghoul ▫

Never ending waits~

Tokyo Ghoul: Touka Kirishima

Tamako Love Story

“You are always doing the best you can, don't be too hard on yourself.”

Top Anime Quotes of All Time That Will Motivate You …

It says (for those of you who don't speak spanish) "Destiny can sometimes bring forth a hard and cruel life"

“Once you're death, death is no longer scary…”

Kaneki and Hide - 1

Anime saved my life

"i have always hated it ,hated myself wjo only ever stole from others:

Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki and Hide >> internet i hate you

Don't erase me/ não me apague

Kaneki and Hide :'(

Pin by Hate Breeder on Tokyo ghoul in 2018 | Pinterest | Tokyo ghoul, Tokyo and Kaneki

*u* I'm still waiting for the season two this 2015.

Arata Kirishima - Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Ghoul, Ayato Kirishima, Awesome Anime, Fairy Tail

Tokyo Ghoul Kaniki & Toka

Anime: Owari no Seraph

Because behind these eyes. There is a monster that will never leave me alone. That monster is me

"Never Explain yourself, your friends don't need it, and your enemies won't believe it" The Seven deadly sins

~Yakumo Oomori (oh my word)

Michael Nyman "The Piano".....ultimately beautiful.....but horrible story: hated it!

I wish I coulda met you man, your music or you should I say, were there for me when I was too scared to ask for help and when noone could see ...



Kaniki chibi

Pin by Hate Breeder on Tokyo ghoul | Pinterest | Tokyo ghoul, Tokyo and Kaneki

Hide x Kaneki Please don't hurt me this way ;_; My heart is fragile

hey...it rhymes...:)

Left hand is on his chin! He must be lying < < < IKR I NOTICED THAT TOO(T⌓T)

When the pain is too much, We let free the demon inside us. Sad

Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang, Full Metal Alchemist, Mustangs, Fullmetal Alchemist


Juuzou Suzuya, I gave you a nick-name. If only you didn't hate ghouls so much.

K a n e k i ※ Don't steal my art,

No offense to Tsubaki, I don't really like her, I mean she

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Dont Ever Try to get inside my Head its to dark for you

i hate it when someone gets tortured it's really cringey and it doesn't make

I'm an aries so I'm the annoying little f**k Ayato no offense.and i wanted to be Juuzou or Kaniki but guess what.my lil bro would be Juuzou and my big sis ...

"Life is full of fake people, trust no one.." #Anime : Tokyo Ghoul -Edited by Karunase -Source: karunase.tumblr.com. "

We all have a story we will never tell, Eto, ghoul, human form, text, sad; Tokyo Ghoul

Incoming Feels! Anime: Shigatsu wa kimi no uso

In the negative manifested the true essence of colors. look at yourself through the veil of self-criticism - you will see the truth.

You okay there? Okay I'll just go... I KEN run

< < Well, if you hate selfcest, why did you even save this?


Kaneki or Haise because I don't even know anymore,how many of you

This is too sad | Tokyo Ghoul I cried my eyes out when Hide died.

Touka x Kaneki ~ Tokyo Ghoul Touka. You are touching Kaneki. My Kaneki Touka. I'll get my axe, 5 seconds to run!

Fullmetal Alchemist

Kaneki, Chicas Anime, Ayato Kirishima, Hinami Tokyo Ghoul, Hot Anime, Anime

Never break someone's heart, they only have one, try it with their bones, they have 206, Kaneki Ken, text, ghoul, white hair, mask; Tokyo Ghoul


you think after all I've been through, this hurts? Tokyo Ghoul√A

Fullmetal Alchemist Quotes, Fullmetal Alchemist Edward, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Sad Anime, Anime

As much as I hate Jason I feel really bad for Naki.

Baby Haru and Mako

Suzuya and Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul Quotes, Sad Anime Quotes, Anime Life, Juuzou Suzuya

I hate when Kaneki hide that he's a ghoul from Hide.

The memories return in Tokyo Ghoul Re:, thanks to Hinami's efforts. But seriously, I hated Arima at that time.

Tokyo Ghoul: Hide x Kaneki ALSO: For all you fujoshi's out there that ship them! Okay, I admit it, I ship them too. XD

Hinami Fueguchi - Tokyo Ghoul:re Hinami Tokyo Ghoul, Anime Life, Otaku,

GoBoiano - 33 Halloween Themed Cosplays Ideas You Should Start Prepping Today

This is the saddest moment I have seen in Attack on Titan. Who ever did

Killed by the main character...which mean either I'm the villian or just being killed for fun

Hinami fueguchi

House of Norman Bates in Psycho

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C-centipedes..., in my ears..., a thousand minus..., Kaneki Ken, white hair, kakuja, centipede, mask, torture, comic, text, quote; Tokyo Ghoul

If you can't. EXPLAIN IT to a six year old, you don't. UNDERSTAND IT yourself. —Albert Einstein wh say 0 20i6 Jenna E

Yeah, I don't like Arima anymore.

Ayato x Hinami I don't really ship them, but I thought this was too cute!

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Tokyo Ghoul Anime Season 2 vs Season 3 || Root A vs :re || Tokyo Ghoul Root A and Tokyo Ghoul :re || Ken Kaneki/Haise Sasaki, Kishou…