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Beast WarsMegatron Appreciation Post 39Cause as HAHA

Beast WarsMegatron Appreciation Post 39Cause as HAHA


BTW, Auto Morph, There are 31 different versions of BW Megatron. Start trolling Ebay.

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Happy 20th Birthday, Beast Wars!

Here are my Megatrons (Beast-Wars Related) That were signed By David Kaye (who I met/saw at the Botcons that he has been at & he's a nice person), ...

Here are my Megatrons (Beast-Wars Related) That were signed By David Kaye (who I met/saw at the Botcons that he has been at & he's a nice person), ...

Beast Wars Appreciation Thread

10th Anniversary Beast Wars - Megatron, repaint. Wow. Megatron Toy, Toy Boxes

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$_58.jpg ...

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Transformers: Beast Wars - It All Falls Down


Megatron by larrydraws

The two toys that ushered in a new era of Transformers are both godawful. These don't even have the excuse of being tied to characters from the ...

Superhero-Transformers-Captain-America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and Hulk

Transformers Make Toys MT Quantron Giftset

1MiB, 3264x1836 ...

実写TFを描くのは大変だけど楽しい。 Transformers movieOptimus Prime

Prime 1 Beast Wars Megatron Statue

mp39 01

We're lucky if we can complete this set in five year:

And that's because these molds were actually part of the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary revival and released in their proper Beast Wars colors in commemorative ...



The fact that Optimus' beast mode sucks so much quite frankly surprises me. I would have guessed the engineering from monkey to robot would have been easier ...

Transformers Masterpiece MP-39 Sunstreaker and MP-12+ Lambor (Sideswipe) (Anime Color Edition)

No Caption Provided. No Caption Provided. Beast Wars ...

Is Beast Machines Really That Bad? Analysis and Opinion

... The Transformers: The Movie. BALLS OUT!

Oh lah em casa to zoando, saporra eh linda pra krl *¬*

TF Hearts of Steel TPB cover by *khaamar on deviantART - Transformers Bumblebee Autobot

Scavenger rm

Transformers Masterpiece MP-32 Convoy (Beast Wars) (Optimus Primal)

Pre-Beast Wars Predacons, plus custom Scorponok

Rodimus Prime and Unicron

Beast Wars II Ikard w/ Tako Tank. #Transformers #beastwars #takotank #

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MP 36 Megatron and Grump ...

Shockwave vs Megatron by ~MakotoOno on deviantART Shockwave Transformers, Comic Books Art, Comic

Transformers beast wars OPTIMUS PRIMAL transmetals 1997 complete

Transformers News: Tomica Metacolle Transformers Series: G1 Optimus, Bumblebee, Megatron and Logos

art based off of the BW toys, first is megatron, and I used the 10th anniversary version, so no batwings. C&C appreciated!

Megatron from Transformers custom paint by LEK customs


T_BEAST_24_Inferno.jpg ...

Pretty rad Decepticon design, like the symbol present somewhat in the head. Of course, I have that symbol decal on my car, along with the Autobot symbol.

It features all three beast Wars versions of Megs. Colors by Josh Perez. All Hail Beast Wars Megatron

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Voyager Class Sharkticon Megatron Figure

#transformers #poweroftheprimes #machinima #hasbro #takaratomy #marvel # beastwars #optimusprimal


megatron colours by markerguru on DeviantArt. Transformers ...

Megatron looks a lot more compact then his design from the first movie; I wonder where the tank turret went. Click the image for a larger view.


robot fight club

Transformers The Game, Transformers Decepticons, Transformer 1, Comic Games, Robot, Character

Transformers Unite Warriors Devastator

... Combiner Wars Megatronus Maximus v.1.0 by TrueError

DfJwDDLUEAAgtDn.jpeg DfJwEoSV4AA7TPy.jpeg

The fact that Optimus' beast mode sucks so much quite frankly surprises me. I would have guessed the engineering from monkey to robot would have been easier ...

memga mme.jpg ...

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Transformers News: Re: Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Discussion Thread

MTMTE #39 spoilers: Whirl with his face by zoner233. This is wonderful and strange to look at all at the same time.

Masterpiece-Beast-Wars-Megatro (.

But I bought them anyway, mainly because I never found the Beast Wars versions at the TRU's near me. Let's start with Megatron and his alt mode…

Autobots VS Decepticons-Predacons: Twin Dragon Megatron (Gigatron), Skybyte, Optimus Prime and Spy Changer Team (Transformers Robots In Disguise 4)

Cry Now, Transformers Art, Robots, Connect, Sassy, Bond, Twins, Robotics, Toddler Twins

Transformers News: How Transformers Fans Have it Better than the Rest When it Comes to



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StarscreamMW Genesis.jpg


Prime-Wars-Trilogy-Punch-Count (.

Transformers G1 Trailbreaker - Unicron.com

Hi, I'm Megatron!! You May Have Remembered Me (If You'd Seen Me)!!

soundwave | Tumblr

in this house we love and appreciate Megatron. despite him being a huge piece of

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jpg ...

Transformers The Last Knight 2017 Movie

Season 1 set for a June 7 release at a $29.99 MSRP.

1 - SG Quickstrike from Beast Wars Neo Cohrada (in normal Quickstrike's colors, but based on Silverbolt's character) 2 - SG Ultra Mammoth from Beast Wars ...

Beast Wars Comic

TFW2005 Interview with John Warden and Ben Montano

When you ask most Transformers fans who their favorite incarnation of Megatron is, about 90% of them will likely say either “G1” or “Beast Wars”.

Shattered glass STARSCREAM Transformers Autobots, Transformers Characters, Shattered Glass, Timeline, Broken Glass

Shelf 3 - Big Bois and Dinobots

TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS WRECK-GAR by manbu1977.deviantart.com on @deviantART Comic Book

First Appearance- Beast Wars two-pack mini-comic “Optimus Primal VS Megatron!” (1996)

As reported here last week, the Cartoon Network will begin transmitting early next year the new “Transformers Animated” series. More details have emerged on ...

Transformers Review: Power of the Primes Predaking Livestream // P4L Reviews

... post in r/transformers. 39