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Chiara Lubich Focolare t Wise words

Chiara Lubich Focolare t Wise words


Chiara Lubich

Story of Chiara Lubich

“Seeing what the Holy Spirit has done with us and with many other spiritual and social “enterprises” that are at work the Church today, I cannot but hope ...

Student group from the focolari mouvement, Montet, Switzerland

The Focolare recalls July 16, 1949 as the day on which Chiara Lubich and Igino Giordani made a “pact of unity” which would be the basis of the growth of the ...

Chiara Lubich, with Pope John Paul II, in an undated photo. Credit Osservatore Romano, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

ChiaraLubich_Germany_1998. “

When the Word of God came on earth, he chose to be born in a family. Jesus began his public life during the celebration ...

Chiara Lubich was a pioneer for her time. In the Church – a lay woman – she proposed themes and openings that were only later taken up by Vatican II.

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Chiara Lubich Africa. “

The roads to a united world

The Focolare Movement | PHOTO - Chiara Lubich, Founder


“I was only 12 when I met Chiara Lubich. If it hadn't been for this friendship with her and for the charism of unity, ...

Evil is rampant in the Vatican II sect. Now, more than ever, heresy, blasphemy, and immorality are promoted by Mr. Bergoglio, the sect's current "pope.

Chiara Nairobi

Athenagoras and Chiara Lubich

I completely agree with Chiara when she said that Bangkok is a city where people are very kind, they always smile and where the western anxiety and ...

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(C) CSC Audiovisivi

Ten years went by and it was 1954. Chiara was living with Giosi, Graziella, Natalia, Aletta, Marilen, Bruna and Eli.

1959: Lia, Marilen, Bruna

“We'll never be able to quantify the help that we receive from our brothers and sisters.

We were born for these words,

... Asabaton Fontem Njifua, the highest traditional authority of the place where the Focolare town is located (southeast of Cameroon), wrote: “I've ...

ChiaraLubich_primitempi. “

Hope Beyond Fear

In Brazil it started from the vision of Chiara Lubich regarding children and from the reflection on education today in the light of the words of Pope ...

16 July 1949

Mariapolis 2018 Facebookpics

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Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement

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Within the Focolare there are those men and women who from the first days of the Focolare have felt called to bring the spirituality of unity into the world ...

Alla fine l'incontro è stato molto bello e profondo. La collaborazione con i focolarini straordinaria. L'ultimo giorno buona parte della Mariapoli si è ...

prime mariapoli_Primiero “

Ruggero joined Chiara in Heaven

Chiara Lubich e Madre Teresa di Calcutta

Instead, the president of the worldwide Focolare movement is far more invested in matters such as Christian unity, a cause in which the focolarini, ...

"Works of Chiara Lubich": 14 volumes collecting the writings of the Sophia foundress - Sophia University Institute

Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week was a fitting backdrop for the theme of this year's Mariapolis: 'Jesus crucified and forsaken – the God of our ...

Like that of the whole Focolare, the aim of this revolution of love for youth would be to fulfill Jesus's last prayer: “That all may be one.

Chiara Badano

Paul was writing to the Christians of Galatia, a region now located in central Turkey. He, himself, had evangelized this area and he cared about the people ...

Twenty young Catholics and 22 young Muslims, ...


The brief history of the “populace born from the Gospel” of Chiara Lubich, began with words ...

Honorary Citizenship Award to Chiara Lubich, Tagaytay City, Philippines, 1997 (Photo by

A Year Without Chiara Lubich, Founder Of The Focolare

1271678. “

Chiara Lubich: “May peace return”

Chiara Lubich

The friendship between Sophia University Institute and Dr Shomali is long-standing. Last summer they began a joint project of dialogue and research which ...

chiara lubich quotes - Google Search Catholic, Roman Catholic


WordTeensCard – October 2018

Genfest 2000: a wave of “Light”

“I grew up in America where there has been a strong history of racism until now, but meeting the Focolare has helped me ...


Chiara's Story and the first Focolare

Falling in love again, day after day


Chiara Lubich John Vianney, Mother Teresa, Siena, Wise Words, Relax, Cloud

Story of Fontem as narrated by Chiara Lubich | Focolare Movement

Get No Thorn Without a Rose: 99 Sayings by Chiara Lubich (99 PDF

In 1966 some doctors and nurses from the Focolare entered into contact with the Bangwa tribe of “Fontem, a village immersed in the vast palm tree forests of ...

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Always in the Memory: The Unity of Chiara Lubich in Thailand | RotaryPeaceChula

Chiara Lubich: The Family of Nazareth


The simplicity of Aletta

You have allowed me to contemplate the wealth of the Church in its Charismas. Chiara Lubich always said that the church is a marvellous garden full ...

Unity in God's Love: The Focolare Movement - Aleteia

This morning, another of Chiara Lubich's first followers has completed his earthly journey. Giorgio Marchetti, who received the name “Fede” (faith) from ...

Participants at the Movement for Unity in Politics launch, 2018


Paul VI and Chiara Lubich. «

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On the weekend of July 15th two Chicago Focolare youth, Annie and Samantha, accompanied by Ana Paula Panzarini and Corin Han Sook of the Women's Chicago ...

Focolare.org report: There was nothing extraordinary or unusual about the life of Chiara Badano (known as Chiara Luce). And yet for this girl who loved ...

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One of my acquaintances, years ago said: “wherever there are the poor, money also abounds.” I was young then and didn't believe in those words: after 26 ...

The state of emergency of the Bangwa people became a priority for the whole Focolare Movement. Chiara Lubich paid her first visit to Fontem ...

Woman's Work: Story of the Focolare Movement and Its Founder

New Corpus Christi Bishop is Into Focolare Cult


Sharry Silvi (right) with Chiara Lubich as they leave the mosque on May 18, 1997. “