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Hmmmso you say you love animals but eat them Veganize The

Hmmmso you say you love animals but eat them Veganize The


Hmmm...so you say you love animals, but eat them?

You got brainwashed out of it is all. Check our selection UGG articles in our shop!

Change happens with you. Make the connection, go vegan✌

The truth. Why do humans turn a blind eye to it?

re condition your mind…animals are living sentient beings just like you…they are not commodities

Find this Pin and more on Very Vegan by Bobbie Bryson.

Discover and share Quotes About Being Vegan. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love.

throw away your smartphone

eat veggies, not animals jus got 30 of yuca from one plant. and got 25 cuttings from it. feed the world.

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vegan life is like a box of chocolates. You never know why they put milk

Being vegan is easy: you can eat whatever you want. You just don'

Going vegan is like turning a key that opens a chest that reveals a dark side of humanity you never knew existed.

“The meat, dairy and egg industries are VERY deceptive! They have to be to get good people to buy cruel products!

Gary Yourofsky- I wouldnt say "intentionally'. Most people would never harm an…

Plz go Ofr ur health, the planet, & compassion for all life!💔😢Oh my God, how animals being killed for people eating meat saddens me.

I do eat meat. I have many doubts about my beliefs with eating meat. I am still discovering my true belief with it.

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When someone says that vegans don't care for humans / vegan meme / vegan lifestyle / vegan humor

Which do you pet and which do you eat? Go vegetarian/vegan.

Baby cows should drink cows milk seriously logical -- unless you want to grow up to be as large heffer

Come with me as I explore the benefits of going all out vegetarian rather than sticking to the traditional diet of meat and vegetables.

I failed as a vegan multiple times. Vegetarianism was a little easier but I stilled failed. Though I love humans but I would so kill and maybe even eat some ...

"Why do we care about some animals and eat others? Carnism is the invisible belief system that conditions us to eat certain animals.

Pro vegan: not pushing or forcing beliefs on others, just doing the right thing. When you eat meat, you are forcing others to die for your beliefs.

illogical: it never ceases to amaze me that you can be both arrested and paid for killing animals ~ courtesy Sabina Makhdomi

"The problem is that humans have civilized animals to such a degree that they are

These sensitive beings are not baby machines! Why finance animal cruelty and exploitation . just for your selfish pleasure?


You "choose" a victim when you choose to eat meat.

Defend Animals · Cruelty-free Clothing & Vegan T-shirts For Animal Lovers And Activists 🐾

This gave me a chuckle

Being Vegan means you love all animals and don't want them to suffer. Factory farms are the worst animal abusers and they kill the food that you eat!

The truth seems inconvenient but it doesn't have to be. Veganism is easy these days.

"Love of animals is a universal impulse, a common ground on which all of us may meet. By loving and understanding animals, perhaps we humans shall come to ...

*in my brain* "hmmm so maybe I'll get the steamed veggies .

Dick Gregory, what I don't eat

Only if they are horrible people. If you care for the sheep and sheer them regularly, I'm sure they would come to like a trim each year or so.

why finance animal cruelty - all animals feel pain and suffering - eat a healthier cruelty-free eco-friendly plant-based diet

Do we need to talk about the fact that the majority of the world's grains are grown to feed livestock?

It's funny people can concern themselves with animal abuse and what others eat, but seem to have no problem abusing humans.

"I would never eat vegan" / vegan meme / vegan humor / vegan lifestyle

Go vegan.

Everyone always says they could never go vegan cuz they like the taste of meat so much. Take the time to research your food, and the taste of meat becomes a ...

Once you take a look at things from the victims perspective it's very easy not to contribute to their murder. I have to keep this in mind every time I want ...

Please go vegan!

It's incredible the falsehoods people believe about fitness and nutrition. You are wrong if you think you cannot get strong without animal protein.

If the cook forgets to leave off the cheese I eat it anyway.I will not waste what an animal sacrificed.

That's because Fred Rogers was kind

And I'm not sorry I think this · Going veganGoing VegetarianAnimal ...

Animal cruelty isn't okay. Find this Pin and more on Very Vegan by Bobbie Bryson. Do you think?

10 Vegetarians You Already Admire

Even worse is how heavily subsidized the animal agriculture industry is. We face a more dire threat than mere human appetite for animal flesh, fur, and ...

Think about it. There are over 20,000 species of edible plants in the world,

We take for granted our lives of pleasures and comforts while disregarding the pain and fear of others.

"I respect your choice to be vegan, now respect my choice to eat meat

However, as a participant it takes far more courage to stand up, sometimes alone and say NO.

Tag a 'vegan curious' friend and challenge them to give it a go in

vegan because to care about animals is not to view them as things

Okay who am I kidding I talk about it even when I'm not asked

Animal Rights Activism · Animal Rights Shirts For Vegan Activists Against Animal Cruelty · Defend Animals


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If at any time the images of animal cruelty disturb you, makes sure you imagine how scared, hopeless desperate that animals eyes must look.

Not everyone are able to eat vegan food. But if you are a healthy middleclass/upperclass person, become vegan!

I think there is a benefit to decreasing the amount of animal meat & dairy products you consume.

When you are trying to get ripped but the vegan junk food just so good /

Why do you eat meat?

Funny meme madness, to laugh your blues away! Find our latest funny pictures and laugh even more.

If you can get though it, watching Earthlings will change your life Vegan

A committed vegan, Prince laid out the reasons why animals are not ours to eat

Vegan Humor, Mercy For Animals, Dairy Free, Humour, Humor, No Dairy, Funny Humor, Comic, So Funny

Animals aren't food, go vegan.

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those that say vegans are extreme for sharing gory images are the same people that pay the wages of those committing the gore; why finance such cruelty, ...


Why go vegetarian

Humane Meat Does Not Exist T-Shirt by Compassion Co. – Grape Cat.

Here Are Some of the Best Ways That People Are Celebrating National Send a Nude Day - RandomOverload

Morning Funny Pictures Of The Day 34 Pics

We know you're probably lying when you say every vegan you've ever met looked pale and sick. We know you're unlikely to be telling us the ...

Jem Star Ⓥ on

Keanu for animals. I'm an animal activist too!

Hahahah yep it's what u crave!because you have ZERO energy! Desserts and processed carbs are addictive when you have Hashimoto's hypothyroidism

Dear animals, I'm sorry that it took me so long. Mercy For Animals.

What a dick.

If we don't ignore it, or displace it as anger at others, this discomfort is a powerful message from our heart that can be an inspiring agent for change.

Opossums eat ticks and fleas! I would love an opossum for a pet, I think they're adorbs.

tell the vegans my last word is . bacon Bacon is so disgusting to me now - a strip of pain filled fat and nitrates - how appetizing

Most people try to eat healthy. No one on purpose starts their hours of daylight like a list of bad foods they are going to attempt to eat before they ...

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Moz & animal rights

"I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important ...

This is exactly how I feel.

When they say but still eat animals lol by chakabars

Say no more

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Just think that everytime you inspire, 2000 animals die and other 2000 when you expire.

How can we criticize other cultures for killing and eating animals when we do the same thing. Are we so conditioned to think that killing and eating certain ...

Mercy For Animals is dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies.