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I grew up with Xfiles and I like to think that Dana Scully was one of

I grew up with Xfiles and I like to think that Dana Scully was one of


I grew up with X-files and I like to think that Dana Scully was one of my early gender blurring influences.

dana scully

How The X-Files changed television

Why Today's Women Need Dana Scully

Childhood and Teenage Years. Child Dana Scully ...

Best Worst TV 2016 MVPs. Courtesy of Fox


Dana Scully - The X-Files Scully's one of my heroes because of her tenacity in fighting for truth against a troubled heart and doubtful mind. She never ...

The X Files Variety Cover Story

X-Files: Scully's Journey (season one-part one) – Legendary Women – Medium

How Dana Scully Inspired a Generation of Women

Dana Scully meets Fox Mulder in his FBI office.

Dana Scully

Season finale: Gillian Anderson played FBI agent Dana Scully seemingly for the final time on

'X-Files' Fans, Let's Revisit Just How Bad 'I Want to Believe' Was | IndieWire

High on the list of the X-Files’ lasting legacies is the relationship

David Duchovny (left) and Gillian Anderson (right) in 'The X-

Gillian Anderson X-Files reboot

Credit: Press

'The X-Files' Finale Explained by Chris Carter: Scully Pregnant | Hollywood Reporter

Inside 'The X-Files' Season 11: Mulder and Scully Take on Their Biggest Mystery Yet

X-Files revival review

Dana Scully Immortality Tithonus.jpg

The X-Files Season 11 Review

THE X-FILES: L-R: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in the "My. “

The X-Files: Gillian Anderson Reveals Why She's Saying Goodbye to Scully

The X-Files Chris Carter GIllian Anderson Leaving SEason 12

'I've said from the beginning this is it for me'

The X Files new series

Fox Mulder


The X-Files - Gillian Anderson - Press Event 3 - Courtesy of Frank Micelotta

The X-Files creator responds to Gillian Anderson's threat to quit | EW.com

The X-Files Season 11.jpg

THE X-FILES - SEASON 7: Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson, L

The X-Files Season 12 Only Scully No Mulder. Courtesy of Fox

Gillian Anderson in London, June 2016

agent mulder, i'm dana scully.

Even the best of us fall down Youtube conspiracy video rabbit holes…

Gillian Anderson

The X-Files episode. Dana Scully ...

The X-Files recap season 11 episode 5 william. Courtesy of Fox

Dana Scully and Fox Mulder in home office.jpg

Breaking up is hard to do with this kind of intellectual chemistry. FBI agents Dana

“Think if I used my foreskin eye patches as bandaids he'd survive a gunshot wound to the head?

THE X-FILES: L-R: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in the "The

Gillian Anderson on why she's leaving 'The X-Files'

File:Dana Scully (2008).jpg

X-Files Recap: 'Back in the Day Is Now'

THE X-FILES: L-R: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in the "Ghouli

The X Files, The Other, and The Queer (in the Wardrobe)

Given the perpetual seriousness of Agent Dana Scully, it should have come as a surprise to no one when Gillian Anderson made the post-X-Files decision to ...

790 best Long Live The X-Files! images on Pinterest in 2018 | The x files, Dana scully and Rolodex

Courtesy of Fox

She's beauty, she;s grace, she rolls her eyes at space. #

The X-Files

Conceptual history[edit]

The X Files Recap Season 11 Episode 8. Courtesy of Fox

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in "The X-Files."

So the X-Files Revival Hired Female Writers and Directors After All

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in the X-Files

7 Beautiful Mulder & Scully Moments We've Been Obsessing Over Since 2002

The X-Files, season 11 finale: Agent Scully

THE X-FILES: L-R: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in the "This. “

Mulder & Scully | "Bad Blood" | The X Files

Scully season 10 founders

Beam of light: FBI Agent Dana Scully [Gillian Anderson] found herself looking up

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny as Scully and Mulder in "My Struggle IV". No one wants ...

X-Files: Fox Has 'No Plans' for a Season 12 Following Gillian Anderson Exit

Behind the Touching X-Files Tribute to the Legacy of Kim Manners

Painful: A distraught Agent Scully lost her mother on Monday night's episode of The X

When 'The X-Files&#

'The X-Files' Creator Chris Carter On Making More Seasons, Lone Gunmen's Return & 'Millennium' – NY Comic Con

Walter Skinner

The X-Files: Scully's Journey (Season 6)

The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Associated Press

David Duchovny, left, as Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully in the new six-episode run of Fox's "The X-Files."

Gillian Anderson has said this will be her final season on The X-Files.

A fan cosplaying as Agent Scully. "

Photo: Fox via Getty Images. Graphic: Libby McGuire.

Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully in X Files season 11 trailer. In hospital bed

The X-Files

Gillian Anderson. Picture: Nadav Kander / Trunk Archive / Snapper media

Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week: 'I Want to Believe'

“X-Files” Executive Producer Glen Morgan on Mulder & Scully Makeouts and Giving Fans What They Want

THE X-FILES: L-R: Guest star William B. Davis, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Mitch Pileggi in THE X-FILES premiering Wednesday, Jan.


Actress Gillian Anderson (left) says her run as medical doctor and special agent Dana