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3 Ways Corporations Profit Off Harvesting Baby Foreskin

The Process of foreskin harvesting for cosmetics



Several beauty products contain baby foreskin cells, urine, or snail extract

play Oprah Winfrey is 63 years old. (Courtesy). But baby foreskin ...

10 Disgusting Ingredients In Cosmetics

Foreskin facecream for Australian women

Photo: Corbis

Baby Foreskin As Skin Care Treatment | Skincare and Beauty Tips by Makeup Tutorials at http://makeuptutorials.com/baby-foreskin-skin-care-treatment/

Using Foreskins for Cosmetics

Oprah Winfrey, SkinMedica, Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project, Canada, Glen Callender, Vancouver

Believe it or not, foreskins are being used in some parts of the world for cosmetic purposes.

Infant Foreskin (NouriCel-MD)

I Went To a Skin Clinic to Get a Baby Foreskin Facial

Now that is absolutely gross, isn't it? But infant foreskin is one of the constituents of face cream. (Yes, you read that right!)

... when she revealed that she and actress Sandra Bullock indulged in an unusual beauty treatment while in New York City. Blanchett, the current face ...

Last week I hung out with a friendly group of pro-foreskin advocates protesting outside Oprah Winfrey's appearance at the Bell Centre in downtown Montreal.


Beauty: Using human foreskin to create facial cream? – Lifestyle – Pulselive.co.ke

Oprah Winfrey promoting TNS Recovery Complex

Wrinkle Treatment Uses Babies' Foreskins

Oprah Draws Criticism for Endorsing Face Cream Made From Foreskins

Canadian Anti-Circumcision Protesters Target Oprah Over Foreskin Face Cream

Foreskined crusader: Glen Callender, a Vancouver resident, says he will picket Oprah's appearance

Did you know that hospitals routinely sell amputated #foreskins to cosmetics companies, who use

Here ...

Have you heard about the guy in San Francisco who wants the city government to ban the circumcision of newborn boys? If you happen to run into him, ...

Mature skin has unique needs. Here's how to treat it properly and look your best for years to come.


Human Infant Foreskin Can Give You Baby Soft Skin

Baby Foreskin

Beauty Industry Part of Foreskin Flesh Trade, Anti-Circumcision Activists Warn - VICE

DONATE YOUR SKIN: Face Transplants, Foreskin Creams, Leather Bags

This would probably come as a surprise but do you know that the foreskin of circumcised infants are actually an integral part of some face cream?

I Put Snail Mucus On My Face & Here's Why You Need To Put It On Yours, Too — PHOTOS

Products that contain Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media

Oprah's Flawless Skin Is All Thanks to a Product That Uses Foreskin to Create the Formula

Thanks to her, my internet history will forever have my name associated with the words penis facial. To be fair, it's Cate Blanchett's fault too.

... really the one to blame for inadvertently promoting a cultural and religious surgical practice? I asked these foreskin fanatics about their preferences.

Fibroblast your wrinkles. '

The firm's hottest selling product is ForeFace, a wrinkle reducing skin cream made from infant foreskins.

A penis facial uses the foreskins of babies and Sandra Bullock can't get enough of it. (AP File Photo)

Cate Blanchett Admits She's Gotten a Penis Facial with Sandra Bullock - Foreskin Stem Cells in Skincare

... a shocking beauty secret in a recent interview saying that she is a big fan of facial cream made in part from cloned cells from the amputated foreskins.

Dermatologists in New York's Upper East side are using the regenerative powers of babies foreskin in a facial.

Oprah anti wrinkle foreskin cream controversy

The Story Behind the Cate Blanchett "Penis Facial" Controversy

Photo: iStock

Saturday February 6 2016

German scientists grow artificial skin using cells from babies' foreskins

Results: Acne sufferer Karen Mollison (above), shown before (l) and after (r) her Vavelta treatment, says the injections helped smooth out her scars

There are companies with patents for treatment solutions derived from foreskins Photo: Courtesy

This summer, Karen, a surveyor, agreed to have her face injected with millions of microscopic new skin cells, cultured from babies' foreskins, ...

The Cutting Edge Of Cosmetic Surgery — & What We Don't Know About It

Is Baby Foreskin The Key To Youthful Skin?

cate blanchett

Oprah likes to rub human foreskin all over her face—because it's an ingredient of her favorite anti-aging skin cream SkinMedica, which she calls a "magic ...

How Many Dead Animals You Want to Rub On Your Face Every-Day? | Heads and Tails | Kashmir Observer

Infant Foreskin

If your baby is a boy, one of those decisions is whether to have him circumcised. In some families this decision receives little consideration…

Unless you have young sons, you might not be aware that circumcision is on a downward trend, and that the anti-circumcision lobby is gaining ground.

Baby Foreskin Is Being Used To Make Vaccines

15 Disgusting Ingredients Lurking in Your Everyday Beauty Products | 22 Words

Foreskin facials are a thing

laser skin hydrafacial stem cells foreskin

Beauty secrets: Beauty brands use plenty of strange ingredients in their products, including placenta

Photo: Frazer Harrison/FilmMagic

Oprah s Magic Fountain Of Youth Skin Cream Is Derived From Baby Foreskin And Pissing Off

Image Source: Thinkstock

Neonatal fibroblasts are thought to facilitate skin cell turnover. Shutterstock

Tell Oprah: Take Baby Foreskins Off The Market

Oprah likes foreskin on her face, a couple of Canadians protest

Baby Genitalia Parts Sold

Is baby foreskin the key to Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett's youthful skin?

eyeshadow palette

7 Gross-Sounding Ingredients Lurking In Your Beauty Products

Foreskin facials, also known as HydraFacials, are the latest unconventional beauty treatment to be

Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett's $650 'Penis Facials' Come From Korean Baby Foreskins

Allergan skin cream uses human foreskin growth factors that could cause tumors, legal complaint alleges

9. Oleoresin Capsicum

Oprah Draws Criticism for Endorsing Face Cream Made From Human Foreskins | Ecouterre

The cost can be $800 ... "Middle and upper-income families can

Flickr Bloodstained Men & Friends

Healthy glow: Oprah has called the skin cream her 'magic fountain of youth'