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Legend then and now Robert Picardo Meg Mucklebones t

Legend then and now Robert Picardo Meg Mucklebones t


Legend then and now. Robert Picardo, Meg Mucklebones

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The actor: Robert Picardo might be best known for his roles on the long-running science fiction franchises Star Trek and Stargate, but, since participating ...

Meg Mucklebones from Legend. Did you know that the Doctor on Star Trek (Robert Picardo) played Meg? Yes, he did.

Veteran character actor Robert Picardo on his work in and out of the makeup chair

Robert Picardo

Darkness has become obsessed with Lili, and therefore has to corrupt her pure soul, which he does by giving her a goth makeover.

Meg Mucklebones from Legend

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Legend. Legendposter.jpg

Robert Picardo

Mia Sara, Princess Lili

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Meg Mucklebones from "Legend" When I was a kid I remember having a dream about this goblin and not remembering where it was from. It was good and creepy.

Even Robert Picardo pops up, literally, under heavy prosthetics as Meg Mucklebones. His scene lasts for less than a minute and doesn't seem to advance the ...

Meg Mucklebones from legend. she still scares the sh*t out of me!



Now, clearly the Doctor has had an action figure before - nearly everyone who appeared on any incarnation of the show appeared at least once in Playmates' ...

The Meg figure was made just as SOTA was beginning to speed downhill, so it's really not very good (not even as good as this prototype photo), ...

Meg Mucklebones and Mr Barlow busts! #megmucklebones #mrbarlow #horrormasks

Legend 1985

Robert Picardo played Meg Mucklebones

Ed Cutlip mentioned his mother's name in episode 55: "Esther Cutlip. My mother. The woman is a saint."

Trek's Picardo shares sly trick that won him a First Contact cameo | SYFY WIRE

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Picture 1: Robert Picardo as werewolf Eddie Quist in The Howling

"Legend" - Album on Imgur

Robert Picardo…from China Beach and Innerspace.

Legend Review

Had a mini rearrange in the room and added Meg Mucklebones to the wall. Bloody

Legend – tape 879

Legend Meg Mucklebones

Really awesome Meg Mucklebones life-size sculpt by the incomprehensible…

Watching #legend trying to decide on what costume to try make next. #blix

122 best Legend images on Pinterest | Legends, Don't forget and Ridley scott

Legend [1985] [DVD]

Being that Legend is a favorite childhood movie, I can't resist this meme of the Darkness and the white unicorns. And it's creepy in special way that I like

Now. He is really well known for his role in Star Trek: Voyager as The Doctor. Interestingly, he was the voice of Johnnycab in Total Recall (1990).

When filming The Duellists (1977) in France, director Ridley Scott came up with the idea for Legend after another planned project, Tristan and Isolde, ...


Played by Anjelica Huston, the film version of the Grand High Witch was far more fierce and fearsome than the ...

Legend - Meg Mucklebones

“The time is ripe for a John Ford of science fiction films to emerge. And I'm determined to be that director.” Ridley Scott told this to author Harlan ...


Robert Picardo as Meg Mucklebones

Robert Picardo (Whoa! I didn't know that was him!) as "Meg Mucklebones" Now.

Trust him he's the doctor.

In case you haven't read this before then I will explain it a little more. I am just reviewing films ...

image source - movie still

Meg sculpture-05

Morlocks: Why David Hewlett and Robert Picardo can't stop laughing | SYFY WIRE

Tom Cruise and Mia Sara in Legend

Meg Mucklebones (Legend 1985) The Neverending Story, Fx Makeup, Makeup Ideas,

Thanks to Rob Bottin Robert Picardo looks so damn awesome as Meg Mucklebones. ^^

Tika Sumpter Is 'Nobody's Fool'

Portrayed by, Robert Picardo

Sota Now Playing Series 3 - Meg Mucklebones Action Figure #sota #sotatoys #sotatoysnowplaying #legend #legendmovie1985 #legendmovie #tomcruise ...

Robert Picardo Filmography

Bottin also forged a lasting relationship with actor Robert Picardo. They first worked together on The Howling with Picardo playing the serial ...

Close up of Meg Mucklebones ( she's a sort of swamp witch I think? It's

Limited run of the meg mucklebones prints will be available soon. Packing them up today

Universal Pictures

My take on Meg Mucklebones from one of the greatest films! #legend from 1985

Star Trek: First Contact

Category Archives: Robert Picardo. REVIEW: THE ORVILLE – SEASON 1


Mia Sara in Legend

While there are a few witches in Rob Zombie's film that could qualify as scary, none hold a candle to coven leader Margaret Morgan (Meg Foster).

I require the solace of the shadows and the dark of the night. Sunshine is my destroyer.

Robert Picardo on Twitter: "Bruce Davison and I first worked together on Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories in the mid-eighties. http://t .co/iU9xaXss6a"

Robert Picardo gatecon.jpg

Me on those good dayssss #megmucklebones #legend #ridleyscott

Tom Cruse…from Taps and Losin' It.

Robert Picardo

Princess Lily runs back to town and freaks out when she sees her friends are frozen. She hides from the goblins but learns that it wasn't her fault that the ...

Feb 14, 2014, 2:25 PM - Meg Mucklebones #1

Richard Woolsey SGA S5.jpg. Robert Picardo ...


Known For

Day one of Inktober, not on theme and I'm being lazy and only

EL CHIP PRODIGIOSO (1987) Innerspace 2H. | Acción, Aventuras, Comedia Director