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Martial Artist Punch PowerPoint Clip Art muequito simpaticon

Martial Artist Punch PowerPoint Clip Art muequito simpaticon


Martial Artist Punch PowerPoint Clip Art

Die vestibuläre Wahrnehmung – das Gleichgewicht – Wurzelinchen


Mom Holding Baby Boy PowerPoint Clip Art

Encuentra este Pin y muchos más en ~muñequito simpaticon, ..., de Sole Espejo.

Stick Figure Listening To Music PowerPoint Clip Art

I tend to favor the attack strategy, but that may just be my nature.

Encuentra este Pin y muchos más en ~muñequito simpaticon, ..., de Sole Espejo.

3D Peoples

manual handling risk assessment What is Manual Handling Training - Le Breton Recruitment & Training

Monigotes, Muñecas De Bebés

mentoring - Google Search

3D Figuren

But the class was all-female with the exception of me, so the instructors structured the class such that it was 80% kicking and 20% punching.

verbal tick

10 #Instagram Tips and Tricks

When the kids get excited about Valentine's day, that creeps me out. I thought

There is absolutely no reason for single use restrooms to differentiate between male and female occupants. Not only will this make restroom availability ...

Either way, her question gave me the opportunity to tell a couple of funny stories about my ex-girlfriends, which is what I always do when asked a question.



But there are few things stupider than using a tanning bed.

Two death bed mysteries and one piece of death bed advice


Racism bingo.jpg

... open your mouth in criticism of another person's clothing choices, stuff an apple in your mouth and silence yourself, because you are more akin to a pig ...


There is a lot of talk about how improving the diversity and inclusion of leadership teams can be a driver of greater innovation.

If you have ever wondered how much joy can be derived from dunking one's teacher, look no further than this image, drawn by one of my students who managed ...




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It's why I wish my kids didn't own goggles. Every item added to your life complicates your life in some way, so unnecessary and burdensome items like ...

Perhaps I'm not alone after all.

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The Most Poorly Named Character in All of Literature


My kind of princess

11 a.m.

Kids Carton Puzzle Board Animals/Car/Fruit Wooden Baby Educational Toys Games Picture Jigsaw Blocking Toys For Children Gifts - us317

Boy Vs. Girl

In the book, Bunny hides the eggs in considerably more conspicuous spots than me.






white house interns 2018.jpg

Daddy taught her well



This is a rule that few people seem to embrace. I live in a world where people are constantly demanding equity in all things, even when the application of ...



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PigMint Studios has four Grand Rapids artists squealing with delight

“I laughed, gasped, took notes, and carried this book around like a dear friend.” — Sarah McCoy, New York Times–bestselling author


Goodnight Moon: Supporting drug use and attempted kidnapping

Ruth Wakefield is the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie. Something that has brought joy to almost every American at some point in their life.



My wife and kids slow me down. Gloriously so.

My books read like Clifford the Big Red Dog. At least at first.



Word of the Year Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year's most meaningful events and lookup trends. It is an opportunity for us to ...

draw a stickman

Off the blog reading: Father's Day Crushes Mother's Day and Re-Imagining the Author Talk in 3 Parts

KNUFFLE Bunny kuffle bunny too

for my students.jpeg

I heard someone on a podcast defending this practice, explaining that Fortnite is the current social sphere of youth culture, so if you can't play well, ...





teacher dumb.jpg

There are three incredibly stupid things wrong with this sign. Can you spot them all?

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I'm pretty sure that this is exactly what they are saying, and it never makes me feel very good.

The Basin - Franconia Notch State Park

landscape with snow.jpg


Perhaps a block or two away, so when I saw all the free parking spots on the street, I took one, thinking it would be a five minute walk at best to Slate.

Transactional Christians. Not the kind of Christians who Jesus - human philosopher or Son of God - would want following him.

Octopi is frequently used but considered incorrect by most grammarians.


The original Venn diagram is the best Venn diagram

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