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Physics YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG Crap I Laugh At t

Physics YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG Crap I Laugh At t


17 Jokes Only Physics Geeks Will Understand More

20 Jokes Only A Physics Nerd Will Appreciate - BuzzFeed

Shit my physics professor says ...

Engineer dating

Running for President is like doing physics homework most of the time you just make shit up

Why do we laugh inappropriately?

Dear Dr B: What do you actually live from?

Quote #72 I'm Bad In English

Nerdy Quantum Physics joke lol :)

When you don't care, you really don't care. | "There's no need to repeat yourself. I ignored you just fine the first time."

Norman Li

Image ...

Dat accuracy.

Happy Exams!

Women in Physics meeting poster

15). That's a logical & physical thing to say


boy is laughing loudly in cafe

amy farrah fowler loves biology and penny couldn't understand physics. don't get shit twisted

Science has a problem, and we must talk about it

First law of Cartoon physics

BRITISH theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author Stephen Hawking has admitted to making up hundreds of radical theories on space and humanity just to ...

But our physics sir didn't understand and he doesn't even know upto now what actually shit happend with his grammatical mistakes! :P

You say theoretical physicists are doing their job all wrong. Don't you doubt yourself?

It's not just a joke: The ethics of mocking someone's appearance - Big Think

This Is Why You Don't Study Physics - This sums up my college experience nicely

The Many Shades of Bad Physics

10 facts about laughter

Happy girl laughing against a colorful tiles background. Concept of joy

Want to add to the discussion?

Kristian Hammerstad

You feel an expolsion ignoring kind of awesome

Source: http://imgur.com/nf0yxOz

Holy Crap. Water Really does Spin in Opposite Directions in the North and South Hemispheres

A theory published earlier this year claims our understanding of gravity, that was first proposed

teaches physics member of the

The World is Your Petri Dish with Bruce Lipton – #336

If you hear Yanny, you are wrong

Close up portrait of beautiful young black woman laughing against wall

'I ran to the toilet and cried.' A-level students whose results were a lesson in life | Education | The Guardian

E8: Writing About Race, Family, & Food (with Amy ...

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Why Parents & Teachers Are Getting It Wrong.

Make Me Laugh

Travis Kalanick Anthony Levandowski

Outdoor Portrait Of Loving Mother And Daughter

40 Simple, Easy, Little Things You Can Do to Make Her Happy

Say no to the needle: why acupuncture just isn't worth trying | Spectator Health

Prosperous female employee enjoying coffee break while talking on smartphone near office. Cheerful happy businesswoman

25+ Inspirational Stories That Will Make You Smile

Video thumbnail for Nima Arkani-Hamed: The Morality of Fundamental Physics

Alan Ruck's journey from Ferris Bueller to Sears to the bridge of the Enterprise and beyond

Desmond Tutu laughing

That link has quite a few more, almost all of which made me laugh. Never a miscommunication.

Do Brits really have bad teeth?

6 Charles Bukowski Quotes That Will Shake Your Mind

'I ran to the toilet and cried.' A-level students whose results were a lesson in life | Education | The Guardian

Never been so wrong

Source: ...

He is Abhimanyu Sadasivan.


Laughing couple cuddling in a hammock

This list of funny kids spelling mistakes are guaranteed to brighten your day. Do you have any spelling mistakes you've noticed that you can add to the list

Why it pays to be grumpy and bad-tempered

I sold my vacuum the other day.

Never mind the Squire of Gothos; what if we really found an alien civilization at

This is what they do to your kids…

Sara Wong / The Atlantic


Complementary and alternative medicine ...

Mastering physics in a nutshell ...

'Even if all of your friends get into their courses this year, they won't all graduate at the same time so the age that you start university won't even ...

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How to make people angry: write about science - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Charlize Theron in Hancock. Man.

The Big Bang Theory is highbrow comedy, if you don't find it funny you're dumb.

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You'll get to see how the trailer's doing, and you'll get lots of short videos of my wife being exactly who she is. Example below.

The first thing I do is I smile.

McGregor and Khabib come face to face in presser that resembles bad sitcom with no laugh track

The bartender said “sorry, we don't serve breakfast.”

What do you call someone with no body and no nose?

There are literally several levels of SCO being wrong. And even if we were to live in that alternate universe where SCO would be right, they'd still be ...