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Ruby and Qrow Rwby t

Ruby and Qrow Rwby t


Qrow and Ruby look quite different when you think about it. Ruby has red hair, Qrow has black. Ruby has a different facial structure to Qrow.

RWBY recreation - Ruby and Qrow

Ruby and Qrow

But many believe Ruby Rose, daughter of Summer Rose, is actually Qrow's daughter.

FAN ARTQrow and Ruby ...

Ruby and uncle Qrow (who I think is secretly her father) *Don't kill me XD*

All the way back from volume one, we learn that Qrow helped Ruby design Crescent Rose, and trained her, as he wields a scythe of his own.

FAN ARTWhat if Summer and Raven never left?

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... statement in the RWBY Volume 3 livestreams, talking about how she loves reading all the zany theories fans come up with, and bringing 'Qrow is Ruby's ...

She has Summer's cape, but her cape is red like Qrow's. They both use the scythe as a weapon since Qrow taught Ruby at Signal Academy.

RWBY Qrow and raven plus ruby

Professor Ozpin human hair color anime cartoon mangaka black hair

RWBY AMV - Qrow & Ruby

RWBY Sibling Reunion [Raven and Qrow] by LordObelisk ...

The panther and the Crow: Qrow Branwen x reader fanfiction, RWBY

Rwby, Season 3 Chapter 3 [doesn't fit the title of this board but i still feel the need to pin it somewhere... ruby is too cute <3]

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Is Qrow Ruby's Real Father? - RWBY Theory!

RWBY Doodle : Light at the end by dishwasher1910 ...

Is Qrow Ruby's REAL Father (RWBY Theory) - EruptionFang

Qrow Branwen

Qrow and Ruby < < < I have a theory that he's secretly her father, but can't tell because of Maiden stuff

Qrow branwen rwby drawn by sumiwow 5ae33021f1c387df25f3d4356710f140. Qrow branwen rwby drawn by sumiwow 5ae33021f1c387df25f3d4356710f140. “ "

Wait my dad is Qrow? A RWBY fanfic CONTINUDE

RWBY Volume 4, Chapter 7 Punished

[Qrow and Ruby: Unemployed Genes] Rick and Morty & RWBY

FAN ARTQrowe's ...

The fact that Qrow trained Ruby to use a weapon similar to his own may suggest that he believes her to be the saviour against Cinder instead of Yang.

Ozpin, Oscar, Ruby, and Qrow < < I didn't know i needed this till now, white rose is nice but prefer wiess and neptune so i think oscar and ruby eould be ...

... Awww Qrow and Ruby moment #rwby #rwbyrubyrose #qrowbranwen

Oh if I had a nickel for every time I heard this theory, I'd be able to bribe Rooster Teeth into making it canon. Love it or hate it, you can't deny ...


lol you had one job ruby


RWBY : Duel of fate by dishwasher1910 ...

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RWBY - Where has the time gone (Qrow & Ruby fanfic)

Qrow's Injured Liver.jpg

Raven Branwen Chibi T-Shirt

Qrow Branwen ( @agent.qrow )

Awww Ruby! (/;~;)/ It's okay! Uncle Qrow still. rwby.fanpage

Branwen and Ruby Rwby Qrow

Qrow and Ruby. RWBY Volume 5 Premiere. Photo credit: Rooster Teeth for RWBY


Found Family is a very popular trope (and given how Qrow talks about the people who raised him, very much in play with Qrow, who was obviously happier with ...

RWBY spoilers Qrow saving ruby

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For Qrow, dying in a fight beats dying old and alone. Because he will only hurt those near to him. He couldn't even spend his days paying someone to take ...

RWBY Kingdom on Twitter: "Ruby & Qrow! <3 Ruby: Did you miss me? Qrow: Nope. xD #RWBY #RubyRose https://t.co/mqsAH1VAza"

RWBY:Qrow the TrollMaster (with winter as always) by nuricombat ...

Ruby said herself that she was complete garbage before Qrow taught her how to use her scythe. She is very clearly weaker when she doesn't have a scythe ...

FAN ARTThe name's Branwen, Qrow Branwen [NDGD] ...

... Team Strq Bonding Time Rwby Funny Pinterestrwby Memes I Can T ...

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Before that speech on the real world, he tells Ruby that she can't beat his employer, he can't beat them, so why not be on the right side?

RWBY Volume 4 has delivered interesting storyline for the four huntress; continually highlighting the fighting capabilities of the Ruby Rose, Weiss,Blake ...

RWBY Volume 3 - Qrow vs

Holy shit you are too too close to me kid so get off of me I

... Rwby Funny Pinterestrwby Memes I Can T Tell Is The Cardin Thing Or The Fact That Pyrrha Is "p ...

Btw if I don't post in the next few days it's because I'

Unexpected Love (Winter Schnee X Qrow Branwen)

RWBY JNPR team Qrow Branwen Ruby Rose Blake Yang Weiss Nora Jaune Pyrrha Ren Cosplay Pendant

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RWBY Branwen Twins

Team JNPR isn't doing much better. Pyrrha is entirely out of sorts after talking with Ozpin, and despite Jaune finally tapping into his truly sensitive ...

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ruby rose, rwby, and qrow branwen image

RWBY ruby and Qrow lol

RWBY - Ruby and Uncle Qrow.

Qrow and Little Ruby by jungie14295 ...

RWBY Discussion Is The Qrow Is Ruby S Father Theory Possible

1 RWBY Manga Vol. 1

Step 2 – Next I placed all of my test pieces together to test out the scaling.As shown below,the first two pieces of the Qrow Branwen blade weren' t wide ...

As volume 5 begins, Ruby, Jaune, Ren, and Nora have made it to Haven Academy in Mistral, alongside Ruby's uncle Qrow, but all isn't as they expect when they ...

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Qrow Branwen - RWBY Long Sleeve T-Shirt

RWBY | Would Qrow Have Beaten Tyrian WITHOUT RUBY?

qrow branwen summer rose rwby · Trying to remember all of the good times.

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by FujimotoShirayuki · Qrow Branwen - Kalifornia

“Qrow Branwen chibi” #RWBY character chibi ver. Digital drawing Please, don' t use my art without permission /Don't repost @roosterteeth #rwby #chibi # qrow ...

Is qrow ruby's real father rwby theory-eruptionfang

the girls with their outfits