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The Bannock War of 1895photo Bannock Indians Fording the

The Bannock War of 1895photo Bannock Indians Fording the


Bannock War of 1895

"Recent Uprising Among the Bannock Indians A Hunting Party Fording the Snake River Southwest of the Three Tetons"

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"Buffaloes." 367th Infantry, (African American) troops return colors to Union

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Ralph Willet Dixey (Bannock tribe ), Peter Jim (Shoshone tribe ) - 1897 all this proud people

Shoshone Indian man and wife taken circa 1920. Note the sacred pipe. Native American

Battle of Kelley Creek - Image: Bodies as Found at Deserted Indian Camp 1911


Battle of Kelley Creek - Image: Site of the deserted Indian camp. Bodies of

Cavalry and Indians.JPG

Battle of Bear Valley

Rare & Original 3 young shoshone braves cabinet card photograph, c. Find this Pin and more on SHOSHONE BANNOCK TRIBE ...

Cayuse people - Image: Sahaptin tribal chiefs

Benedictine Wrensted, a man of the Shoshone Nation. No date or additional information.

Shoshone-Indian-tribe-family-picture-history-dress.jpg 500

Historic photo gallery of the life and customs of the Shoshone Indian tribe

Shoshone Indian man and wife with traditional clothing. Date of photo is unknown. Native

Bannock Tribes - Slideshow Of Historical Photos Native American Clothing, Native American Beauty, Native

Yakima War

Bannock Tribes - Slideshow of Historical Photos

Chief Washakie statue inside the US Capitol building; part of the National Statuary Hall collection

William Crozier (artillerist)

Battle of Kelley Creek

Joseph Stewart (U.S. Army officer)

S. N. Leek.

Tobacco Pouch, Shoshone Bannock. ДА1. Length 38 cm, width 18 cm.

The Lemhi Shoshone are a band of Northern Shoshone. They traditionally lived in the Lemhi

Ma-wo-ma, a 19th-century leader of approximately 3,000 Snake Indians, portrait by Alfred Jacob Miller and resides at the Walters Art Museum.

Camas (Camassia quamash) is a plant with a blue or purple flower which has a nutritious bulb about the size and shape of a tulip bulb.

Headline Baltimore Morning Herald, July 27, 1895.


Crow scouts


The Reward of Bravery--A Reminiscence of the Late Indian War - Harper's Weekely

Frederick Dent Grant

A cartoon from Harper's Weekly of December 21, 1878, features General Philip Sheridan and Secretary of the Interior Carl Schurz.

Paiute War

Translator George LaVatta and Chief Tendoi at the Fort Hall Reservation circa 1923. The Shoshone and Bannock ...

Eyewitnesses to the Indian Wars, 1865-1890 | Pritzker Military Museum & Library | Chicago

Battle of Spokane Plains

Malheur Indian Reservation

Buffalo Soldiers of the 25th Infantry Regiment, 1890

9th Cavalry Regiment (United States) - Captain and troopers of the 9th Cavalry,

Duckwater Shoshone Tribe of the Duckwater Reservation - John Billy (Paiute) farming at Duckwater

Eastern Shoshone - Image: Washakie (Shoots the Buffalo Running), a Shoshoni chief

Battle of Sugar Point - Portrait of Melville Wilkinson as it appeared in The St Paul

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Indians الملصق Indians apk تصوير الشاشة ...

Tecumseh, the Creek War, and the War of 1812[edit]

Eyewitnesses to the Indian Wars, 1865-1890

Black Hawk War (1865–72) - Image: Monument describing Black Hawk War

Part of the American Indian Wars · Crazy Snake Rebels.jpg

Duck Valley Indian Reservation - Entrance sign to Duck Valley Reservation

Sally Young Kanosh - Charles Decker gave Sally to Clara Young after he bought her for

USS Bannock (ATF-81)

The Battle of Fallen Timbers

American Falls Dam on Snake River circa 1910.

Bluff War - General Hugh L. Scott at Camp Dix, New Jersey in 1918

10th Cavalry Regiment (United States) - "Wounded and lifted on Horse"-

Battles, army posts, and the general location of tribes in the American West

"For Supremacy" by Charles Russell. “

Battle of Sugar Point - The St Paul Globe October 9, 1898 showing portraits of

10th Cavalry Regiment (United States) - 10th Regiment United States Cavalry Coat of Arms

10th Cavalry Regiment (United States) - 10th Cavalry Regiment

Fanciful view of Roger Williams meeting the Narragansett in 1636.

Comanche–Mexico Wars - Comanches meeting the U.S. dragoons near the Wichita Mountains in 1835

Great Basin Indian Tribe 1878 GROUP of BANNOCK Indians Antique Print Engraving


Tom Torlino, a member of the Navajo Nation, entered the Carlisle Indian School,

Settlers escaping the Dakota War of 1862

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Photobucket. Quahog comes from the

Indian Relay Horse race held during the annual Shoshone-Bannock Festival held in Fort Hall

During its service, the battalion made a grueling march nearly 2,000 miles long from Council Bluffs , Iowa , to San Diego .

Quanah Parker, son of a Comanche Chief and an Anglo-Texas settler. His family's story spans the history of the Texas–Indian wars.

Seems he was the son of a banker, received a good education, and was

Painting of a buffalo hunt by Frederic Remington

Battle of the Rosebud - General Crook's Army crossing the west fork of Goose Creek the

Of course I don't mean to suggest through this analysis that the Blackfoot people or any other group of Native Americans needs a white man to recapture ...

The Miller cabin is the smaller of the buildings on the left. The larger building on the right was constructed later as the headquarters of the ...

In 1885 the settlers of Little Lost River applied for a post office, asking that



A group of Indians associated with the Posey War gathered for land allotment meetings in 1921


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Nez Perce Indians with Appaloosa horse, around 1895

Closing Time at the Bar

John James Mitchell, " A Young Republican ", Etching, ...