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Others defended the group, claiming that all seven members were surgery-free. That seems difficult to believe, though possible. But there's no debating the ...

'Before and after' shots of BTS frontman Rap Monster.

Kim Nam-joon, aka 'Rap Monster' of Kpop group BTS accused of

One thing to note here: this face for J-Hope (I don't know his real name so we can use his stage name) is not a ...

Wow....just...wow(in my mind:-why is he so perfect)

I think he looks up the sky and say wow army

wow Mic Drop Remix snatched my wig Bts Pictures, Wig, K Idols, Bts

Jungkook's first thoughts abt Namjoon: “Wow, thighs.” ㅡ He (Jk) opened the door and asks what was i doing and just went "yeaaaahh" RLLY JK?pic.twitter.com/ ...

I love Europe and the next time I'm there, I would like to take a personal trip to Bern. I would love to ski there.

Wow, I love married couples ♡ namjin #second pic got me on the floor #namjin #bangtan #jin #namjoon #seokjin #rap monster #bts #bts scenarios #namjin ...

Meanwhile, members of BTS are serving as inspiration for a growing number of make-up tutorials and tips. That is, for women, not men.

Wow he's chooooooo cuuuuuutttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 💜💜💜💜 Run Bts, Seoul, Funny, Hip

BTS (防弾少年団) - Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) in House of ARMY - lol wow

One thing to note here: this face for J-Hope (I don't know his real name so we can use his stage name) is not a ...

“I can't say much about this one beside pigmentation. He's obviously a lot darker in the previous photo. But that's hard for me to assess because lighting ...

paintedtae: wow that's the best bts meme i've seen all day

정구기 토끼 on Twitter: "Jungkook's first thoughts abt Namjoon: “Wow, thighs.” ㅡ He (Jk) opened the door and asks what was i doing and just went "yeaaaahh" ...

Wow, just take a look. [Me wasn't ready fam]. BTS ...


Wow. BTS has been busy. Can't begin to imagine what they'll do next week.

wow just wow. Just look at rapmon and jin. Is that yoongi standing in front of them?

JM: Namjoon you hair is so soft wow." RM: Stop jimin I'm trying to take a picture here and I'm about laugh"

Justin Timberlake didn't need 'NSYNC anymore. But would Rap Monster be anything without BTS?

I'm really only seeing possible work on the eyelids (maybe corner-cutting) for creating a more bulbous, widened appearance.

One thing that creates variation is weight gain and maybe just growth changing his face naturally here.

20 days ago · Twitter for iPhone · en

Suga needs more vacation time and more tanning time because wow, just gorgeous. Kim NamJoon:

Wow thighs. Wow thighs Rapmon, Namjoon, Bts ...

Okay so Yoongi just posted this...and wow.

I- just wow I- Mom, I love him. Like I'm

The next song will undoubtedly be stacked against BTS mega-hits to compare the results. All of which raises the question: what if Rap Monster scores a ...

Wow just wow he looks so good ahhhh

Okay wow

Bangtan Boys, Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bulletproof Boy Scouts, or simply BTS has successfully introduced themselves as ...

Crystal Tai

BTS glow up in general is just wow. The concepts, their looks, their music, even their personalities have a changed. Of course it's a posetive thing, ...

13-year-old rookie rapper ACHILLO under fire for calling BTS' RM a 'Rap Retard'

Meet the Fans of BTS: Profiles of American ARMY

BTS SPEECH at UNICEF: “Youth 2030 Reaction (WOW) // ItsGeorginaOkay

giada alindogan

Jin is considered the same way, and there's really no question why. Just look at this prince:

Rap Monster real name is Kim Nam Joon

Despite bubbling Grammy buzz, BTS are extremely unlikely to win in 2018. And there's a decent chance the group will be excluded forever.

BTS | SUGA at first I was like wow that's suga and it was As soon as I looked at his face.

I am a new army, I have liked bts for only like 5 months, but I have fallen in love with them ...

【BTS】 Who sing first ? Every songs【Distribution】


... they deserve world and i just love all of them. KIM NAMJOON , KIM SEOKJIN , MIN YOONGI , JUNG HOSEOK, PARK JIMIN , KIM TAEHYUNG , JEON JUNGOOK! BTS ...

Everyone started to gather at Namjoon, and he showed the picture. Jungkook: "Wow ...

Wow Taehyung can speak English now? | BTS news

Who is BTS? 7 Things You Need to Know About K-Pop's Biggest Boy Group - FASHION Magazine

wow i just realized i suck at aesthetics wtf - - - - - - -

Wow! Will you look at this one fine, handsome man! #KimNamjoon #Bangtan #RM

... pics of namjoon with a man bun because this whole look is just so hot- what a man @BTS_twt #iHeartAwards #BestBoyBand #BTS… https://t .co/OVAzfiY3yh"

that's wow wow wow : : : : : : #bts #bangtan #tae #jimin #jin #suga #namjoon #rm #rapmonster #jhope #hoseok #lovearmy #army #jungkook #dna #fakelove #kpop ...

BTS Tell Their Army What They Argue About The Most

NAMJOON omg! I like his hair better now tbh haha. He's still daddy af but you can see how he have grown here. He looks taller and more mature.

i found photos from his problematic men photoshoot and wow... don't you think they're really sexy?

Coconut head

If you have no jams, on a scale of Jimin to Namjoon, you are Jimin.

... 2016 Vivien Tam 11

BTS (방탄소년단) 'Euphoria : Theme of LOVE YOURSELF 起 Wonder'

LUFF COLOR CLASS 2/12 WOW sorry about that little break i'm currently

wow : : : : : : #bts #bangtan #tae #jimin #jin #suga #namjoon #rm #rapmonster #jhope #hoseok #lovearmy #army #jungkook #dna #fakelove #kpop #kstan #cuties ...

Here is a cute picture of him to brighten your day!

Image may contain: 7 people, text

“Quite possibly nothing here. If there's anything on the nose it's pretty minor. Sometimes we see patients who have beautiful noses but quite literally want ...

14 Perfectly Unforgettable BTS Moments From The 2017 Billboard Music Awards

BTS On Why 'Love Yourself: Tear' Will Be Their Most Personal Album Yet (Exclusive)

Wow. So I've been gone. Anyway... the current featured post got me thinking. What would I do if I had a single (or even 2 or 3) days to spend with Namjoon ...

BTS's Rap Monster Apologizes Following Accusations of Plagiarized Lyrics

5 Reasons Why BTS Is Different From Other K-Pop Idols

Beyond The Style ✼ Alex ✼ on Twitter: "NAMJOON #BTS 180219 Kim Daily #RM #방탄소년단 VISVIM kerchief bandana tunic navy & iris jacket olive & VANS style ...

BTS pretending to understand Namjoon 's English iHeartRadio New York Interview 2017

Wow....just wow this id absolutely astonishing their president really went to · @bts.pepsi

Picture of fellow South African ARMYs and I celebrating #ArmySelcaDay. Wow!

RM going "wow".. 😑 Mans really doesn't move, huh

they look the same but wow hair cuts go a long way : : : : : : #bts #bangtan #tae #jimin #jin #suga #namjoon #rm #rapmonster #jhope #hoseok #lovearmy # army ...

And when asked about girls on Knowing Bros, Namjoon reacted like this:

wow 💦😁 follow and support me plz :@soft_btsboys #bts #bangtanboys #bangtan #boy #btsboys #army #RM #namjoon #suga #yoongi #v #taehyung #taetae #jimin #jin ...

“I don't think this guy has had any procedures. Frankly I don't think he needs it.” BTS

BTS Answers Fans' Biggest Burning Questions -- And RM Reveals Why He Changed His Name From Rap Monster! | Entertainment Tonight

He is an amazing person is extremely talented. #KimNamjoon

Wow J-Hope #bts #jin #jungkook #yoongi #taehyung #jimin #v #suga #namjoon #jhope #vid #dailypost #army #btsvid #dailypostbts #kpop #btsmembers #loveyoutself ...

BTS Spring Day MV EXPLAINED | Sewol Ferry, Snowpiercer & Survivors

Kim Namjoon | BTS by Art-Ablaze ...

His parents didn't support his dreams of wanting to become a musician. My parents don't want me to work in the music industry when I'm older either, ...

... pics of namjoon with a man bun because this whole look is just so hot- what a man @BTS_twt #iHeartAwards #BestBoyBand #BTS… https://t .co/OVAzfiY3yh"

ALL HAIL TO THE KING OF DESTROYER AKA RAP MONSTER. Be careful, don't look at his pictures too long or he will destroy your whole life with his destroying ...

[ENG SUB] BTS JUNGKOOK and JIMIN talking about boobs

Some BTS fans under fire for inappropriate comments about Korea's recent earthquake