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Yashoda with Krishna and Balaram Sri Sri Radhe Krsna t

Yashoda with Krishna and Balaram Sri Sri Radhe Krsna t


Mother Yashoda Scolding Krishna and Balarama for Stealing Butter

Krishna, Balaram, and their father King Nanda, by Puskar, from the this year's BBT calender

Krishna and Balaram sit on Nanda's Lap

Mother Yashoda sees the Whole Universe inside Baby Krishna's (Gopala's) Mouth.

Krishna and Balaram getting punishment for their pranks by Maa Yashoda Yashoda Krishna, Jai Shree

Hindu Art: Krsna showing Yasoda the universe in his mouth. The first time I heard this story was in "The Secret Garden,"-- Mary was telling it to Master ...

Krsna, Balaram, & friends. Painting by Pushkar das. Krishna Radha, Lord

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Mother Yashoda bathes Krishna

Krishna Balaram — kailasanath: Ṣṛī Kṛṣṇa and Ṣṛī Balarāma The... … | Sri Krisha | Pinte…


Krishna Balaram with Ma Yashoda

Govinda and Dauji.

One day while Krsna was playing with His small playmates, including Balarama and other sons of the gopas, all His friends came together and lodged a ...

Krsna and Balarama steal butter from the gopis

Diaroma of Mother Yasoda binding Lord Sri Krishna.Diaroma of Mother Yasoda binding Lord Sri

Krishna and Balarama meet their parents (Painting by Raja Ravi Varma)

This relationship is not tangible that exists only when Radha and Krishna are physically present together. Their relationship is intangible, where physical ...

Krishna Balarama …

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Even as Krishna and Radha meet before the former leaves, they do not exchange much words and are eternally connected through their soul.

Srimati Radharani in the Chaitanya Charitamrita and Brahma-Samhita

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

Yashoda Loving Krishna - Top 10 Lord Krishna Images

Are these ideas culturally acceptable? Never! Not in the wildest of our dreams! But so is the game of Radha and Krishna.

ISKCON sri sri Krishna-balaram mandir, vrindavan

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Jaya Radhe Jaya Krishna Jaya Vrindavana ~ Agnideva Dasa

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Jaya Radhe Jaya Krishna ~ Swarupa Damodar Dasa

Sri Krishna Steals Butter

Little Krishna Illustrated Story - Naughty Krishna's Daily Pastimes - YouTube

Krishna & Gopis


Krishna Balram Hiding From Yashoda - Top 10 Lord Krishna Images

Krishna Path

Krishna touches her feet and declares her to be Srimad Rajrajeshwari of Vrindavan. He drinks the water that had washed her feet.

She reached the abode of heaven as she listened to the soothing tune that Krishna played through his flute. Legend has it that it was the last time Krishna ...

(Kind of like this the ultimate form of Godhead looks like…

Yashoda Kund

Balaram Is The Source Of All Incarnations. Sri krsna ...

Krishna The Great

Maiya Yashoda Dance By Kids in krishna Radha Dress | Janmashthmi Dance for Kids

(Radharaniji-krsna… you can also see cows at back)

Free download high resoluation image of Krishna and Balaram walk through Sri Vrindavan dhama

Krsna balaram - Back To Godhead

Beautiful-baby-Krishna-makhan-chor 1


Also blaramaji and krsna both used to steal butter and distribute among monkeys and they used to catch cows tails and run with them etc ...


Good Morning Radhe Krishna Whatsapp Images Jai Shri Krishna Jay Shree Krishna

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Krishna The Great

Infant Krishna with Mother Yashoda

Radha and Krishna met that night in their usual spot. Radha resting her head on Krishna's heart like a flower resting on lavishing green bed of grass, ...

Little Krishna steal butter, yogurt & milk and distribute in friends - YouTube

Lord Balarama's Appearance Day

Krishna The Great

Sri Krishna Leela Kansa vadh

Baby Krsna

Sri Krsna is stumped by Sri Radhe ! He is in a submissive

Mother Yashoda's Delight

It is the highest ecstasy, because it increases their Krishna consciusness and love for Krishna million times, so through this separation they actually come ...

Who is Lord Balarama? The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna, is the fountainhead of all incarnations. Lord Balarama is His second body.

Segun el calendario Védico, ayer 25 de Agosto se Celebra el Advenimiento de Sri

Indian Art - Acrylic Painting - Yashoda with Krishna

Beautiful Radha and Krishna and the Eight Chief Gopis

Free download high resoluation image of Beautiful Radha and Krishna the divine couple. Sri Radha

#KrishnaBalram #TitleSong

Krishna and Radha

After the Pandavas complete their exile, they ask Kuru brothers to let them return to their kingdom according to the terms of exile. The Kurus refuse.


Free download high resoluation image of Krishna & Balaram

Devotees listening to the lecture of Radhanath Swami

Krishna Plays in the Village

God's Personal and Impersonal Features - Part 3

Krishna and Balarama in Kamsas Arena

Krsna and Balarama

Sri Radha Radhika - Lord Krsna's greatest worshiper

The Sampradaya Sun - Independent Vaisnava News - Feature Stories - September 2010

The Glories of Sri Radha / Jaya Radhe Jaya Krishna Jaya Vrindavan- Karnamrita Devi Dasi

Balarama Yamuna praying for His Mercy

Srimati Radharani is the eternal consort of Lord Krishna. Five thousand years ago, when Lord Krishna came to this planet to perform His pastimes, ...

Nanda and Yashoda pushing baby Krishna on a swing

Free download high resoluation image of Mother Yasoda and baby Krishna